Springtime in Alberta

Limited Edition Art Print For Sale $300

Springtime in Alberta
“Springtime in Alberta” by Mike Greeff

Shot on location near Mossleigh Alberta on the night of a full moon. 30 second exposure with an antique Soligar lens mounted on a Samsung nx1000. The scene depicts an abandoned farmhouse and is a metaphor for the Albertan work ethic. This simple structure reminds us of where we came from, and illustrates how far we’ve come. Note that the house is empty, but the fields are still being worked.

Springtime in Alberta
Print: 12×18 inches Frame: 14×20 inches

This fine art print is a terrific conversation piece. For instance there is a plane taking off from YYC in the background, it’s not obvious, see if you can find it. Your guests will no doubt comment on the texture of the snow on the building, the perspective, the lighting (you can reveal to them that no flash was used, the scene is lit entirely by the light of a full moon), and they’ll certainly find the title amusing, Albertans know that spring here certainly is cold. Some people will get the Ian Tyson reference, some won’t, but the title still works.

Signed by the artist.

“Springtime in Alberta” will become a cherished heirloom passed down from loved one to loved for generations to come. It also makes a good investment because only 100 prints will be made. Archival quality materials are used throughout – acid free paper by Canson, pigmented ink, acid free backing. The glass is the good kind, almost invisible, no glare, it seems like there is nothing between you and the art.

1st print in a series which will be limited to a run of 100.

Calgary Alberta

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