Springtime in Alberta

About Me

I make art. Art for you to hang on your wall. If you want pictures of your product for an advertising campaign ask someone else. If you like Impressionism (the last true art form), then I’m your guy.

Impressionism is all about going out into nature, having a glass of wine, taking your time. It’s also about technology. Tubes of pre mixed paint like Monet used were high tech in his day. Digital cameras are high tech, that’s why i use one, I like tech. Monet would use a digital camera if he lived today… but he would turn off auto focus, auto aperture, and auto ISO. That’s how I shoot. I also use antique lenses on modern cameras which is maybe something Monet wouldn’t have thought of… but who knows?

I live in Alberta, which is a big place full of small towns. I drive around aimlessly snapping here and there, mostly at night. I listen to CKUA a lot, and if you like that show “The Road Home” then I think you’re pretty cool. That show reminds me of my first gallery, “The New Jerusalem”. It had a stage. We had awesome shows with music, poetry and art all on display and all the creators mixing and mingling with each other and the public. It was very “Road Home”, which brings us back to that period again… Impressionism.


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Calgary Alberta

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